Wednesday, February 23, 2011

02/23/11: Can you call it a speed workout if speed isn't involved??

I missed going to the gym both Monday and Tuesday. Apparently the engine of my car, unbeknownst to me, had been transformed into a mouse habitat. They'd built a nest the size of a large cantaloupe.

The little sh*ts ate through all my spark plug wires.

So, the dealership was tasked with replacing everything and getting me back on the road. Until then, we were sharing a vehicle, and I wasn't going to make it to the gym.

Mot sent me a text this morning as I was pulling into work in my newly repaired car.

"One car damaging mouse dead."

Apparently he's on a mission. There are traps everywhere in the garage. I have an image in my head of him in the garage....pellet gun in one hand....mouse trap in the other.

So anyway....a million dollars later, my car is running great...and I was able to get to the gym this morning for a strength workout. Inny (my sis) wasn't able to make it, so I was on my own.

I'd been on the machines for about 30 minutes when I heard someone say "Don't you have some work to do?"

When I figured out the question was directed at me I looked up, and there was my boss. Not who I expected to run into at 6:00 in the morning.

Work has been really hectic lately, so it's always good to see the people you see everyday, but in a more relaxed situation. I wouldn't have recognized him with his hat and workout clothes on. I'm glad her stopped to say hi!!

I finished my workout without any other unexpected visitors...and headed off to get ready for work.

Last week on Wednesday, I worked out at the gym in the am....then was going to run after work. It was 60 degrees and sunny all day....then, just as I was getting ready to leave, it got cold and windy.

I made sure to pack for it today. It was going to be in the 50's..but I knew better than to expect it to stay that way long enough for me to get off work and enjoy it.

To my surprise, I was glad I still packed some warmer weather clothes in addition to my normal cold weather gear. It was sunny!!!!!!!

When I trained for my half marathon last year...I followed a very basic training schedule. Run x miles on x days. No speed work, no hills.....just get out there and get the mileage in.

This year, I'm using a little less of a "newbie" plan. It calls for cross training, strength training, and (gulp) speed work.

After a little research, this running newbie is slowly figuring out exactly what that means. So, off I went, to a high school track near my house to give it a shot.

The track was horrible....and as I type this, I'm icing both of my legs. My shin splints feel exactly like they did before all the docs and physical therapists finally got me fixed and outside running. (sigh)

The track was a cinder track. Deep, mucky, gushy........It felt like I was running through a combination of wet sand, mud, and 3 inch deep concrete that was just beginning to set. In all fairness, I think it's their old track, the not so used, ignored step child track....but still!!!!

It wasn't overly conducive to a speed workout...I'm just sayin'.

We haven't had any new moisture in a couple of weeks....and the snow and such have all been melted away for a week now. But this track obviously has no drainage what so ever.

Instead of turning around, walking back to my car, and calling it a night.......I kept on keeping on.

Live and learn I guess....we'll see how I feel in the am. I'll either be running my scheduled 3 mile run.....or walking like a 96 year old woman needing double hip replacements.

See that smile on my face? It was a smile of pure insanity. I'd just completed the last of my 6x400 laps.

They might not have been very fast.

I might have spent most of my time trying my hand at walking on water...or in my case, mud.

But I did it all with negative splits.

Horribly slow ones.........but negative none the less.

Lap 1, 2:33
Lap 2, 2:28
Lap 3, 2:26
Lap 4, 2:25
Lap 5, 2:22
Lap 6, 2:23

Pretty pitiful....but I got a really good calf workout out of it. (giggle)

I just keep telling myself that my times next week are going to be KILLER compared to tonight!!!

Silver lining!



Fran said...

You did great: double workout yesterday!

As I've said on DM: I don't want to run into my boss at my gym (not that that's going to happen, we live in different cities) and mostly because I don't want to see him in his workout clothes :lol:

Could you give a schedule of what a workout week looks for you now as you've spiced up your training plan. I'm always interested in how others prepare for (half) marathons.

C2Iowa said...

One point to share with you - speed work does not always have to be on a track. I try to do more than half my speed workouts on the road. Road races are nothing like running on a track.

Nice workout. I think that you can remove the "newbie" title. You are no newbie.

Faith Ann said...

A morning and evening workout? Wow!! That's awesome!!

I'm not adding much speedwork yet, I think I might work on that for my fall half marathon. For now, my goal is to run 3 times a week and cross-train 2 times a week. I really need to work on my endurance at the moment.

I look forward to reading about future speedwork sessions!

Nej said...

@ Fran - right now I have yoga one day, strength two days, three mid week runs, and one long run on the weekend. I also need to start working spin back into the lineup's been taking a back seat to more important things lately. Like sitting on my couch watching tv....important stuff like that. :-)

My actually training schedule is there at the top of my on the "training plan" tab. The first half marathon in the 1st of May, so I've posted up until then.

@ C2 - Being as OCD (or lazy) as I can sometimes be, using a track seemed to make around the darn thing once, and there's a lap. But, if I don't find a better track, I'll be out on the roads, for sure! :-)

I still feel like a newbie. But then again, we don't have kids because we still feel like kids ourselves. Some things never change I guess. :-)

@ Faith Ann - I have two double header days scheduled during the week....but right now, I've only been managing to get the one done. My spin class Tuesday night hasn't seen me in months. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mice! I hate mice! I am like Indiana Jones when it comes to those things. AHHH!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't get past the mouse thing. I wanted to say great job on the double sessions.
Also, I think the track is the best way to go when you are working on specific intervals. You can always incorporate fartleks or 10 or more 20-30 sec. pick-up during a regular run to help with the race thing.

Nej said...

@ Mike - well, he's killed at least two now. I'm ok with mice (as long as they stay out of my house and engine)...but spiders. Ugh! (shudder) They are my kryptonite. :-)