Monday, February 28, 2011

02/27/11: Splish Splash

My long run this weekend was to be 6 miles. I'll admit, I was a little nervous. 5 is the most I've run in months. The pains in my legs that I spent so much time getting rid of (via docs and therapists) is coming back.

I'm not worried, I know I can get rid of it again. I'm just not looking forward to all the deep tissue massages it's going to take. Man that crap hurts!!

So, I geared up and headed to one of the city trails that runs through town. The sky was looking really dark to the south, but there wasn't any wind, and temp was in the mid 20's (F). I turned on my Garmin, picked an audio book on my iPod and off I went.

We'd gotten snow more than an inch, max. But it was warm enough that it had started melting. The trail was covered in a cold slush.

I decided to take it very slow, and stick with my 2/1 run/walk ratio for the whole run. No need to push myself and make my legs worse....but with my first half marathon on the year coming up (May 1st), I NEED to get out there and get some miles in.

I saw two other people on the trail the entire time I was out. It's usually much busier. (I wasn't complaining.)

At exactly 1.43 miles into my run, I stepped in a puddle. A big puddle. A "completely fill my shoe and soak my foot and sock" puddle.

Holy hell that was cold! :-)

When I hit the 3 mile mark, I turned around and ran smack into a wall of wind.

Where the heck did that come from???

When will I start paying attention to the direction of the wind??

I guess never??


As I was drinking some fluids and stretching after the run I saw this sign......

What is the point of having a city with a conceal carry law....when you can't carry concealed anywhere??? Makes me wonder.

6 miles, 10:54 overall average pace


C2Iowa said...

Good to be outdoors - I say. Where is your half marathon in May?

Concealed weapons permits - who knows how they come up with the laws. I have carried for years and always have to look out for the "random" signs.

Krystal said...

Good job on the run. I always seem to step in a puddle while running. Even when it has not rained/snowed in months. I have just resigned to the fact that I will always be running with at least one wet, cold foot.

Nej said...

@ C2 - Lincoln, NE...Soooo many people have told me it's a great half to I figured I'd better give it a shot.

I see those signs everywhere.

I ignore them....but I do see them. :-)

Still in the process of looking for something small to carry while running. My Kimber .45 is just way too big for that. :-)

Nej said...

@ Krystal - I was debating finding another puddle for the other foot. (giggle)

It was a sneaky puddle. Even after stepping in it, I couldn't see it. Stealth puddle. :-)

The Running Mama said...

ha! been there! puddles and wind stink, but it is so much better than running inside. come on spring!

Fran said...

Great run Nej, very well done!

I have that wind problem so many times. I have made several routes for certain distances and I always stick to that route but sometimes it was better to pick a different route where I wouldn't have the wind up front a lot. But I guess running against the wind makes us stronger.

By the way: a great song to play when you run against the wind is:
Running against the wind by Bob Seger. Need I say more? LOL

Nej said...

@ Running Mama - my wet foot warmed up really pretty quickly. I guess those good socks paid off!! :-)

@ Fran - I complain about the hills and the wind....but in the big picture, they are good to train with. It might not feel like it at the time, but they are. :-)

Great song! (now it's stuck in my head) hehehehehehe

C2Iowa said...

Nej - a carry a 40cal Glock. The holster is key. I have a link if you would like it.

C2Iowa said...

Nej said...

You wear that while running? What are you attaching your holster to? And how the heck do you "conceal" that in running gear, especially during the summer?

C2Iowa said...

dont need to tie it to anything. In the summer - I do not conceal it. It is just there. Never had a problem with law enforcement - ever.

I have only drawn once - rottweiller (no tags and with mange) versus me. I really tried to out run it; but it caught me. I barely escaped. Kinda scarey really.

Nej said...

Scary is right.

Faith Ann said...

Ok... have never seen a sign like that!

It is the *worst* to turn around and realize the wind was at your back for the first half of your run. I *never* clue in to that fact until I turn around!