Tuesday, November 30, 2010

11/30/10 (Dreadmill, 2.7 mi, 10:40 pace)

Well.....I can't say this is the first winter storm of the season...we had one a few weeks ago. But it's the first one to push me inside to the gym treadmill. I haven't been to the gym, in the morning before work, since I started running outside in May.

It was the same cast of characters working out...the same employees....the same crappy shower heads (I wonder what they'd say if I brought in 4 brand new ones??).....everything was as I left it 6 months ago.

I was hoping to get an upper body strength workout in after my 30 minute run....but no such luck. I had my gym bag packed last night before bed.....but I still got to the gym about 30 minutes later than I wanted.

15 of that was because I hit the snooze twice (hehehehe), the other 15 was because it's slicker than snot out there right now.

The wind is blowing like crazy....and people in the city need to relearn how to drive in the winter. We go through this every year, the first major slick snow storm has the streets and ditches littered with vehicles.


Fran said...

I prefer running outside above the treadmill but I think I will stick to it during Winter as it's too dark outside and if the weather of the past few days is what we are going to have this Winter it's going to be a cold one :lol:

Funny: we had snow on Monday and immediately everything went wrong at traffic. We had third most traffic jams ever because when we get snow (which we normally don't have that much) it's chaos on the roads. It took me 40 minutes to get home which normally is 10 minutes and I left the office early. Other co-workers who live near me left later and it took them 2 hours.

I would love to run with you if we would live closer to each other.

Nej said...

We get quite a bit of snow every year....and people still don't know how to drive in it. They do, though, get better as the season progresses...thank goodness! :-)