Monday, November 29, 2010

11/25/2010 Chesterfield, MO Turkey Trot 2010 (3.1 miles, 10:00 pace)

Mot and I drove down to St. Louis last week to spend the holiday with family.

Thursday morning, the 5 of us got up and participated in the local 5K race.

Linda, Amanda and Kent before the race. It was rainy, misty and chilly...awesome running weather!!!!

We signed Mot up at the last minute, since everyone else was going to be running. Not sure how excited he was about it....but he had fun.

Whether he admits it or not! :-)

All 5 of us before the start.

Not sure on the exact number of people that showed up...but it was over 2000.

The two boys stuck together......while we three ladies split up.

The run was fun. It wasn't a flat course, but it wasn't mountain climbing either. I took off at the start, like I always do. Too fast.

My Nike sportband says I ran the first mile in just over 5 minutes....pretty sure it was delusional. I don't think I could run that fast.....on roller skates...with a jet pack. :-)

I did end up taking a couple of walk breaks, at the top of a couple of hills....but ran for nearly all of it.

Still trying to figure out how to dress for cooler weather running. I was stripping layers as I ran, and was still pretty warm. I'll get it figured time for summer to come around again. :-)

OK...I know this shot is blurry, but I was taking pictures on the run, give me a break. See the two in the middle (she's wearing shorts)? She lives about a mile from me. They happened to be talking about Omaha weather when they ran by, and I chimed in.

How funny to be 7 hours away from home, and then end up running with someone who lives almost in your backyard!!! :-)

There were quite a few dogs on the route. This black lab reminded me quite a bit of Sam. I can't wait for Sam to be old enough to run with me!!!!!!!

After the race....still all smiles!!!!!


Fran said...

Great report! Looks to me you all had a lot of fun.

I'm going to run with my dog after my half marathon in April. We have special runs here to do with your dog and I would love to do that with her.

Nej said...

I took ours for a run once, when she was younger, before I was told you really can't run big dogs like that until they are nearly 2 years old. Something about hurting their growing bones. And...the way our lab (our horse!!) is growing, I don't want to risk it. She knows when I'm going for a run, even though she's only been once. She'll love it once I can start taking her along!!! :-)

Anna P said...

Love the race report and pictures! I got a hydration belt at Scheels at Village Point and LOVE it!!
What dont you like about the running stores here? I have not been to any of them yet, but it looks like that may soon change.... =)

Fran said...

I've taken Bella too twice but she's only thinking about playing and runs for my feet :lol:

The runs here with your dog (called Cani Cross) you are only allowed to enter if your dog is 1 year old (which she isn't yet), there's a vet present who checks your dog before the run and you have to bring her passport which you get here at the vet.

Nej said...

@ Fran - I had no idea I wasn't supposed to run with mine until at least 18 months, but sometime this summer Runners World magazine had an article on it. It was good timing!!

I love hearing that they are watching out the health of's a good thing! :-)

Nej said...

@ Anna - it's not that the running stores here are's just that they aren't like the stores in Des Moines, or St. Louis (for example). They seem to have a MUCH bigger selection. Two examples...I was looking for a hydration belt..they have one brand and one brand only. I was looking for some running mittens, they had one pair and one pair only. The stores that I've been in in other cities....they have a wall FULL of gloves and mittens....they have multiple brands and styles of hydration belts.

Brian said...

That's funny. My brother ran that race! It was his first 5K. Most of my family lives in St. Louis (I'm originally from there) and I'll be up there during Christmas. I'm actually looking forward to the cold weather and some hills!

Nej said...

@ Brian - small world!!!!!!! I love the St. Louis area!