Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11/14/2010: Oh, drat! The dreadmill.

Mom was coming by at noon. We had some birthday shopping to do before attending a birthday party (nothing like putting things off until the last minute!).

It was 9:00....I had three hours to get my run in, shower and be ready to go.

It snowed Friday morning and Friday night. Our area of town was in this weird weather vortex. No one else got snow that morning, and they rec'd next to nothing compared to what we did Friday night.

It knocked our power out, twice. And maybe more after that, but I went to bed. :-)

Before leaving for Portland (Mot is there visiting family and shooting ducks)....he was worried about the leaves in the gutters. Our trees wait until the last possible second before dropping all their litter to the ground, all at once. I told him that he wasn't going to be gone long, and the gutters would be ok. If it snowed, it wouldn't be anything to speak of.

D*mn you Murphy, and your stupid law too!!!!


So anyway, fast forward to Sunday am. It was 50 degrees on Saturday and melted most of the city's snow away.

Everyone, but ours, of course. Our streets and sidewalks were riddled with black ice and slush. At the same time. (sigh)

I decided to do my weekend run on the treadmill at my gym instead of dealing with the ice outside. I just wasn't in the mood.

Since I've just begun this new 2011 marathon training schedule, the mileage has scaled back and is pretty low. I'm enjoying the break for now.

My calendar told me I needed to run 4-5 miles. ( I ran 4 1/2.) :-)

I loaded a couple cd's of an audio book I'm currently listening to onto my phone and headed out the door.

The gym stunk, as all well-used gyms have a tendency to do....and it was hot. I found a treadmill, hit the play button on my audio book, and off I went.

About 30 seconds into the run, I realized I'd already listened to the first of two cd's I'd loaded.


This meant I was going to run out of audio entertainment well before my run was complete. And the only thing on the gym tv's was football....without sound.

Double crap! :-)

I took the run slow....doing 2:30/1 run walk intervals.....6 mph on the run, and 3.5 on the walk. It got my heart rate up, I was sweating....but I wasn't dying.

I was happily burning calories and listening to my book...when all of a sudden it stopped.

I'd listened to the second cd much faster than expected. The last 20 minutes of my run was in complete audio "hell."

And, by hell, I mean the gym radio system.

This was's now Tuesday and I STILL can't get Meatloaf out of my head.

Shoot me now! :-)


Lori @ For the Run of It said...

Ha ha, Meatloaf, lol! I admit that I have never run without audio, inside or out. I must have my beloved "iPurple" with me, it's my running partner. I've never tried an audiobook, though. That's a thought. I'm sorry about the snow, I'm so not a fan of winter.

Nej said...

I run with it inside, because the treadmill is so stinkin' boring.

But outside, besides that fact that I run in the dark, and on the street (no sidewalks)...I also never have as great a time when listening to tunes. Not sure why. :-)

Now that the ice is coming, I'll have to start loading up my iPod (bright metallic orange, but hubby's is purple) with audio books....I'd never run with one before, and it was actually really nice!!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Ugh, that sucks. Sorry you had to face the dreadmill. I think I'd rather face the black ice than the dreadmill combined with a cut short audio book and a sesseion of Meatloaf.

Nej said...

The dreadmill or Meatloaf alone were enough to do me in. Add in a short audio book and I was done for!!!! :-)

Brian said...

Hahaha. What is with gym music channels? Ours has a steady diet of Elton John. Don't get me wrong, Elton John is a great artist, but he doesn't have a lot of workout music.

Nej said...

@ Brian - (hehehehe) You're right. I can't see Elton John really motivating someone to push it in the gym.

Meatloaf was actually probably pretty effective...I wanted to get my crap done and get out of there, as soon as possible. :-)

Fran said...

Thanks! Now I've got a Meatloaf song in my head too :lol:

Our gym has music but not really workout music, bit too slow for my taste so I always bring my Ipod with my own music. And tv is also always on sports and Discovery channel but without the sound.

Nej said...

@ Fran - I would LOVE them to have Discovery on. Instead, in the am, I get cheesy Saved by the Bell reruns. :-) :-) :-)

Fran said...

Saved by the bell? Really? That's really really old :)

Nej said...

Saved by the Bell....and reruns of Angel (which is a little newer, but not a whole lot!) :-)