Monday, November 29, 2010

11/28/2010 (5 mi, 10:28 pace)

Running last week in the Turkey Trot really got my motivation going again.

Talking to my aunt about running and training got my motivation going again.

And...most at Fleet Feet, and drooling over all the stuff I'd love to have, got my motivation going again.


All kidding aside....I am really ready to get back "to it" starting this week. My training schedule almost feels like I'm starting over. My long run this weekend was only 5 miles.

Only 5 miles.

Never thought I'd hear myself saying those words together in a sentence.

While in St Louis, I purchased a new hydration belt. I wasn't satisfied with the one I had before, and I knew that as my runs got longer, I'd need to find a replacement. While I'm used to carrying a hand held water bottle, having my hands free is heaven!

I've had my eye on the hydration belt I purchased, for quite some time....but there isn't a retailer who sells them in Omaha or Lincoln (argh!). Linda, my aunt, had one when we ran the half marathon....and while in St. Louis this week, I went into her running store to check it out. (our local running stores leave a little to be desired)

I could tell the second I put the new hydration belt on, that it was what I was looking for. Thank goodness!!!

I really didn't need 16 oz of fluid for a quick 5 mile run...but how could I NOT run with my new purchase??? :-)

I'm actually really glad I took it with me. Besides the two 8 oz bottles, I also purchased a storage pouch for my belt. It fits my phone, gels, chews, a little money all very well!!!

(oh, and mental note - when using the gps running app on your phone, make sure it zeroes in on your location before starting the run....the last time I'd had my gps turned on, I was in Kansas five mile run ended up showing as over 300 1 hour....I was flying!!!!!)

It's closet is nearly empty, as I'm going down in sizes. Every day a favorite shirt or skirt is too big. My winter coat is way too big.....I'm swimming in my lighter weight running's all way too big.

Now, don't get me's a good problem to have......but, I need to win the lottery to replace it all.

I'm going to have my winter coat altered, and I've been going to Goodwill quite a bit more. But running gear is hard to find at a thrift store.

I only have one pair of running pants, and they are going to be pretty chilly when the weather really turns cold. So...I went to a sporting goods store, and made a pretty cool score. Two pairs of running tights for $!!!

I love a good bargain....and was pretty happy. :-) I am Sunday bright orange running coat, my new bargain running tights, and my new hydration belt. I almost looked like a runner.

But there was no "almost" about how I felt. I 100% honestly, truly, genuinely FELT like a runner. For the first time since I started this whole journey I didn't feel like I was a poser.

I still have weight to lose, but I'm slimmer, I feel better, the cherry on top, I finally look the part to boot!!!! :-)


Lori @ For the Run of It said...

I also have an Amphipod belt--do you have the one with the bottle in the back? Mine has two bottles, each 10oz and I really like it. But part of me wants the one with the bottle in the back.

I have always thought you are a runner. No posers here. ;0

Nej said...

I got the 2 bottle, (8 oz each I think). I love the idea of being able to buy more and add them as needed....and the belt is SOOOO much more comfortable then others I've tried. I also liked that you could change the bottles from horizontal to vertical if you wanted. I hate it when my arms brush up against them on other belts. :-)

Fran said...

Such a positive post Nej! I'm glad you found your running mojo back!

Although I haven't lost all the weight I want to lose I know your problem with clothes being to big. I think I have to replace 75% of my clothes now if I want them to fit but I'm not doing that now. I use belts to keep pants and skirts up.

I always use my hydration belt, I hate it to hold something in my hand during running.

Nej said...

@ Fran - having to replace them all is such a good thing...but it's a pain in the rump as well. (giggle)

Up until now, I've always run with a handheld bottle....but the hydration belt is soooo much nicer! I'm glad I've switched!

Heidi said...

Awesome! Sounds like you're doing really well dropping those pounds. And score on the tights deal. I can't afford new clothes right now so will have to do what I do best - maintain weight, hahaha.

Glad you found your mojo again :)

Nej said...

@ Heidi - with my mojo, went my pound losing ability. So, hopefully now that I'm back at it, I'll start losing again. :-) I'd ultimately love to lose another 10 if possible. But not holding my breath. :-)

Anonymous said...

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Nej said...

@ Anonymous - why thank you! :-)