Monday, November 8, 2010

11/07/10 (45 minute spin class)

I'm actually LOVING these spin classes!

I'm a runner, and I love spinning class.


Never thought I'd hear myself say that!!!! :-)

So I got up Sunday am, and hit the gym. I made sure to increase the tension on the bike more today, and now know that I can add even more. Not sore at all!!!!

I do need to pay attention to my heart rate more though. At one point, I thought I was going to be sick. There comes a point where pushing harder actually does less good. Sometimes I forget this...and a good "almost getting sick in front of 11 other bike riders" situation reminds me. :-)

Adding cross training into my training plan is a good thing....but I feel as though I'm letting the running thing slide too much. Last week I did two 45 minute spin classes...and two 4.5 mile runs. That's 4 workouts...but only 9 miles total running. ****

Looks like I'm going to need to sit down and figure out an actual plan.

**** Only 9 miles? Wow, we've come a long way baby! :-)


Nej said...

Or, I need to find a way to know how much distance my spin class equates too. Is there some magical "ballpark" formula???

rawbanana said...

I dont know, but I love cross training. I think it makes me look forward to my runs even more. today I did the elliptical but did it more as 'intervals' rather than the same speed for pretty much the whole workout. I liked it! Great job on the spin class!

Nej said...

I used to call the elliptical the "evil machine"....have tried many times to find a love for it...and have failed so far. :-) :-)

rawbanana said...

To each her own =) I have always LIKED the elliptical but for the longest time always felt like I couldnt go more than 10 or 15 minutes-it was due to starting out much too fast. I have learned the last few years to start slow the first 10min =)

Nej said...

That's probably actually my problem. I should try taking it easy. (trying to do that with my running as well...I'm not out to win any big checks with those elites) :-)

rawbanana said...

I know what you mean, its VERY hard for me to go easy when I workout. I feel like I should give it ALL I have right from the get-go but that gets me burned out REALLY quickly =) I am doing better in my training runs. But all 3 5K that I ran this fall, I go out too hard from the gun and then I am practically GASPING the whole time!

Nej said...

The first 10K of my half marathon was awesome (for a half marathon pace)...right around 10 min miles. But those last few miles (11-13) were killer. I really killed myself off way too early. :-)