Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When you just don't want to keep going.....




My alarm clock said 4:56 am.

I laid there for 4 minutes trying to find the perfect excuse.

That incontestable reason to not get up and run.

No matter how hard I tried, or how many pathetic attempts I made.....nothing came to mind.

How can a person be so gung-ho about something for so long, only to wake up one day and not want to do it at all?

I turned the alarm off before it sounded, and plodded into the living room. I was up before Sam could slam her wet nose into my eye. That never happens.

I put them both outside. I put my running gear on. I put my cell phone in my running belt (learned my lesson the hard way not taking it, won't do that again). I walked out the door, and down the block.

I walked back to the house. I grabbed the water bottle I'd left lying on the kitchen counter. I walked out the door and down the block (take 2).

It's so darned dark in the am running is slower, and I'm paying more attention to every step.

The first mile and a half, although noticeably slower, went without a hitch.

And then it hit.

The wall.

Can the wall actually hit after only 1.5 stinkin' miles? :-)

I turned around and went home...right then. Today's run just wasn't in the cards. I got three of my four and a half scheduled miles done.

Wondering if I shouldn't go home and run the rest, just so that I can say I wasn't defeated??

The half marathon is coming up faster and faster. The 10K this weekend wore me am I going to handle 13.1 miles?

I'm psyching myself out, aren't I?


Brian said...

Yes. You're psyching yourself out. You ran faster than you're used to for longer than you're used to in your race and now your legs are a little tired. What you needed was a nice "shake out run" - active recovery. That's where you run at a slow pace for a short distance just to get your legs moving and you heart rate up so your body starts clearing all the crap out without making any new crap - scientifically speaking.

The main challenge was getting out of bed. You did exactly what you needed to do. Now just stay consistent and keep going.

Nej said...

@ Brian - Scientifically speaking. :-) :-)

So, I basically did what I should have (ran a slow run/short run, and listened to my body)??

I'm such a newbie! I'll get it figured out eventually.

Thank you!!!!!