Friday, September 17, 2010

09/16/10 (4.51 miles, 10:26 pace)

I took to the streets after work yesterday, instead of before work. My Wednesday run was late in the evening, and I didn't want to put more stress on my body again so soon.

(how very responsible of me, eh?)

But, with the weather being INSANELY amazing right now, I didn't mind waiting.

I came home, said hi to the hubby and the dogs...then headed out the door.

As I was running, one thing occurred to me. "Running in the morning is awesome for one really important one can see me."

I mean, I wear reflective stuff and such......but people really can't "see" me.

I'm the most un-fashion conscious runner EVER!!!!


I mean, here's a top to bottom verbal account of what I looked like running last night.

Ponytail. Headband. Dark sunglasses. Ugly turquoise tech shirt (where the heck did that thing even come from?). Black spandex bike shorts (because running with jiggly thighs just isn't acceptable!!!!) Purple scars on left knee (a running badge of honor I suppose?) Black compression calf sleeves. White running socks. Running shoes.

The compression sleeves and headband combo make me look like a modern version flashback of a 70's runner. And that tech shirt I was talking about...yeah, it didn't help the flashback image either! :-)

So....I ran a little different route than I normally do...mainly because the first section of sidewalk is better to run on when it's light out. For safety sake.

I snaked around and through a neighborhood just north of my neighborhood. And let me say, driving in there in the winter must be murder. Not a flat section of road to be found....hills, hills, hills.

I only got lost in the maze once.......

......or twice.

I'm sure that guy who was vacuuming out his car thought I was nuts. I kept running by, and then realizing I'd been on that street before. After the third time, I wanted to put my hand up near my face....which, as we all know, makes it so he couldn't see me. (giggle)

My pace seemed very sluggish...which I could blame on the NON-STOP torture of hill after hill after stinkin' hill.

I could blame it on that....but I can't.

I started paying attention to my pace, and found I actually kinda run faster going up, then I do down.

Explain that one to me. :-)


Heidi said...

You should see my husband some (OK, most) times. Not long ago it was a faded orange & blue (well used and abused) work shirt paired with red (well used and previously worked in with a couple grease stains) board shorts that the zipper no longer works in so he has permanent open fly. And paired with mid calf length white tube socks and his brand new fancy schmancy Reebok Zig runners with the most obnoxious large red soles I've ever seen. It's quite the sight I tell ya. But he doesn't care. He says no matter how he dresses he still kicks my (and many other peoples) ass.

Nej said...

@ Heidi - With that color combination, he's....ummmmm.....very visible to traffic. Right? :-)

Heidi said...

Right - ahahhaa. Except we often run on trails. :)