Thursday, September 23, 2010

09/23/10 (5 mi hills, 10:49 pace)

Sat down at the computer last night before going to bed. I needed to find a new route for my morning runs. Something with sidewalks, good sidewalks....flat ones.

You know when you walk on a garden path, and there is green plant life growing up through all the cracks in the stones, and you think it's really pretty and rustic? Well...when running, those sidewalks are called crap. As in "Crap, is that really a sidewalk at all?"

And, if these sidewalks were along a street, with streetlamps, that would be even better. I've come to really appreciate being able to see where I'm going. :-)

After looking at the city maps for a while, I found one I thought would work. While running it this morning, more than once I found myself thinking "wow, I don't remember this hill being here."

It's amazing what you don't notice about the lay of the land while driving in a car. Hats off to the inventors of the automobile, that's all I have to say!! :-)

I pushed myself pretty hard on the uphills.

At the top of one of them I heard myself saying "You aren't going to puke, you aren't going to puke, you aren't going to puke......"

I didn't puke. Yay me!!

It's a good thing I run in the morning before people are up, or I'd get a reputation around the neighborhood for being that crazy lady who talks to herself while running.

They probably already think I'm the crazy lady, in all reality, I just don't want to add any more fuel to the fire if I can help it.

Although, it's probably an effective home defense system. Don't break into her house, she's ca-razy!

I also found myself repeating "I'm not going to die, I'm not going to die, I'm not going to die...." at the top of the final hill.

A bit over dramatic?


But, you can't deny the effectiveness of the strategy...I mean, I'm still alive aren't I? :-)

At one point, early in the run, I physically had to stop running and wait for the deer to cross. There were a dozen of them (no kidding) running across the road six or so foot ahead of me....and I wasn't about to play my own version of Frogger with that bunch. No way!

It was almost 80 degrees this morning. 80 degrees? And, I didn't even want to know the humidity probably would have made me cry.

Now, last I checked, it's nearly the end of September. We've been playing "red light, green light" with our air conditioner all week. Off one day, on the next. Mother Nature is experiencing some sort of Jekyll/Hyde syndrome...I'm just sure of it.

I think maybe we need to get her some Clozaril, Risperdol, or Zyprexa. Maybe one of each?

(no fear, I actually had to look those up, antipsychotics aren't my thing, I promise)


Heidi said...

Count me in as another crazy running lady. I talk to myself all the time. Often saying "suck it up you wimp, just one mile to go". Though I'd never talk to a friend that way. It works for me, what can I say. I always give myself a pat on the back afterwards. Good cop, bad cop - that's me.

Those hills will do you wonders, even though they suck while you're at it.

Nej said...

It's like verbal abuse, of yourself. :-) Yeah...I can relate to that one, 100%. (giggle)

Liz said...

Nej-I actually ran, well maybe it was just a slow jog and I referenced you in my Blog Post today! Plus an Award.

Nej said...

@ Liz - I haven't been able to read any of my blogs yet this week, and it's killing me. I'll have to make sure I check yours out first!!!!!! :-)

Fran said...

Heidi mentioned your blog on her blog and I came over to visit and wish you good luck for your race.

I've read a few lines in your post and recognized so much of it. I think we're a bit alike as runners.

Talking to myself: been there, done that.

I often pick an object too to run too and then I can walk however recently I walk every 2k on my long runs which makes it easier for me to complete the long runs.

"Running isn't easy for me. I really have to work at it. I'm slow, I'm weak. I'm never going to win a race, never going to stand on a podium.

And I'm perfectly fine with that. But running is work, and I need something to motivate me to keep going. I go to work everyday, so they will pay me and I can buy things."

And this ... I could have written this. I'm a slow runner, running doesn't go easy for me either, I'm usually somewhere at the end in a race. But I'm okay with that too: I run for me and nobody else.

So again: good luck! I'll be back to visit your race recap.

After your race if you like, you're welcome to visit my blog.

Nej said...

@ Fran - Welcome!

I'm beginning to think that the runners who SON'T talk to themselves are the crazy ones!!! :-)

I've put your blog on my reader, so I can check it out next week when I have a little more free time. Can't wait!

I had decided quite a while ago that I was going to start using the run/walk interval method...but I'd been training NOT using it for so long, I didn't want to switch so close to the half. I'm going to a seminar with Jeff Galloway on Saturday, and I can't wait!! :-)

Nej said...

Son't? :-)

Fran said...

That's cool that you're going to the seminar. Love to hear your experiences. The run-walk-run I do is from Jeff Galloway to, he brought the idea to me.

Nej said...

@ Fran - the seminar with him was great!!!!