Monday, May 30, 2011

05/30/11: Boys Town National Research Hospital 5 Mile Race Recap

I woke up this morning hoping desperately for rain.

It wasn't.

No, I didn't want the event rained out, but I did want a little rain to cool things down. It was the first race....heck, my first RUN of the season where the heat and humidity were surely going to kill me.

Low 80's (roughly 27C), wind gusts up to 30 mph, blue skies, and the turnout of people was wonderful!

Because the event was on the Boystown campus, parking was tricky. We ended up parking off campus and walking the mile or so to the start.

There was a 400 meter kids runs, a one mile walk/run, and a five mile walk/run. My sister and I had entered ourselves in the 5 mile.

I should probably mention now that the route was hilly.

Really hilly.

Oh. my. gawd. hilly. :-)

Sara, from the running club found us near the start line, so it was the three of us girls. Taking on the hills, and the wind, and the humidity, and the heat.

We were doomed before ever beginning.


Inny (my sister) found us some red,white and blue sequined headbands for the occasion!!

We spent a little time stretching and getting warmed up. The 5 mile didn't start until 8:45, so we had about an hour to kill.

But the starting gun finally went off, and off we went. :-)

("traffic calming device ahead")

Woohoo! She wanted to finish in under 1:15:00 and blew it out of the water with a chip time of 1:11:36!!!!!!!!!

Sara and I came across the line at chip time of 1:01:54. Not TOO bad for as hilly and hot as it was. I'll take it.

Plus, NO pain in my legs. NONE!!!!!!!!

The pain today was all cardiovascular. Boy am I out of shape!!! :-)


Pritch said...

Great job on the first race of the season! So glad that you didn't have any leg pains!

Fran said...

Congrats on this race! Too hot for me so I'm proud of you for dealing with it.

Read today that stretching before a run isn't the smartest thing to do, can't remember why but it's better to jog slowly to warm up. Just a little tip. I never stretch before a run, I just walk first before start running.

Heidi said...

Congrats, and YAY for no leg pain.

Nej said...

@ Fran - the heat was brutal...but I'll eventually get adjusted to it. (probably about a week before winter hits) hehehehe!!

I don't really do much at all. We jogged around a little...then did a little stretching...but mainly just talked and did some people watching. :-)

Andrew Opala said...

awesome! It's only faster from here.