Thursday, May 5, 2011

05/05/11: Cinco de Mayo 5K (updated **)

I debated running this at all. I woke up yesterday morning with a pinched nerve in my hip. It hurts like heck when I'm sitting, and bending at the waist....but walking seemed to be OK. So I thought I'd give it a shot.

Mot is playing part time bouncer at our friend's bar (they rented a bouncy house, and thought having some "supervisors" over the drunk adults in the house would be a good idea). :-)

I rushed home after work, changed clothes, then headed back out. The run started at 6:00. I was able to park almost right at the front in, get my packet, and make it outside in time to join the masses walking towards the start line. Great timing!!!!!

On top of the pinched nerve, I forgot to grab my compression it would officially be the first run (of any distance) without them for the last year.

I could feel not having them on fairly quickly. The fronts of my legs got tight, quickly...but I ran through it.

The run was held on a local bike/running path in the middle of the there wasn't much room to pass other runners. You also had to be careful for the general public out walking dogs and riding bikes.

At the end of the run, they had margaritas (strawberry and regular), tacos, and chips and salsa.

I didn't know anyone else running, that I saw.....and it's times like those that being the shyest person on the planet is a pain in the rump. I ate my tacos, drank my small margarita, then headed home. I'm sure the festivities went on for quite a while after I left, but that's OK.

Instead of shirts, the participants were given shot classes. Fitting!!! :-)

Tom had dinner wrapped in foil and ready for me when I got home. Yum!!!!!!!!

** My official time...
Time: 30:59
Pace: 9:59
Overall Place: 223 of 318
Place in Gender: 130 of 208
Division F3539 Place: 28 of 36

Not a great showing. :-(


Krystal said...

Shot glasses? That is an awesome give away. Good job on the run!

Fran said...

Pity it was difficult to pass other runners but it sounds like a fun race. I love the margheritas afterwards.

C2Iowa said...

Shot glasses - I hope that they had them filled?

Nice job on the run.

Brook said...

Looking good! I am so impressed/proud of you-you keep keeping on and I think that is, well, awesome!

Brian said...

Hey, it doesn't matter how well you did. You got free shot glasses! I usually have to pay for those at the Disney races.

Heidi said...

Now THAT'S the way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Awesome! Sounds like a great event.

CupCake@ Bigger Girls Can Run Too said...

Congrats on a great pace!
The shot glasses are fantastic! And margaritas after a run?! Sign me up!

Nej said...

Because I'd gotten there to check in, just as the race started...I didn't have time to take my race packet and shot glass back to my car. I stuck the glass in one of the loops on my Spibelt (the ones they put there for gels and gu's) and ran with it on my hip. Now, if only the water station at the turn-around point was more than just water! I was prepared! :-)