Tuesday, May 24, 2011

05/24/11: Square One

Well....maybe not square one....but I definitely feel like I'm repeating the first chapter.

Chapter 1: So, you want to start running?

1) Running consistently. In order to do well in the sport, you need to participate on a regular basis. Not once, maybe twice a week. :-) For a multitude of reasons, I've gotten lazy about getting up in the morning.

2) Don't push it. Yes, I used to put quite a few miles on during the week. But I can't just jump right back into it. Too many miles too soon leads to injury....and I've got plenty of that going on already.

3) Chocolate Milk. Hello my friend. I've missed you so! There's nothing like having an actual, real, legit reason to drink chocolate milk. :-)

My legs did OK on the run this morning. They were tight, but not as bad as they were during the 5K this weekend. Although, the weather more than made up for it. It was truly gorgeous! 55 degrees (13C), no wind, clear skies, chirping birds, and no need for a headlamp.

Heck, not only did I not need a headlamp, I barely needed reflective clothing.

Perfectly beautiful!

Sometimes starting over is fun...right??? :-)

2 miles, 10:59 overall average pace

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Faith Ann said...

Let me try this again... every comment got "eaten" yesterday lol...

I can definitely attest that starting at square one was a good decision for me. Lower mileage weeks after a break from running meant NO pain.

I "restarted" 5 weeks ago and have felt great. I'm not sure when I will attempt running more than 6 miles, I'm enjoying the shorter distances!