Wednesday, May 25, 2011

05/25/11: Keystone Trail North

Tonight was Wednesday night ORC (Omaha Running Club) distance training clinic night. The speaker was there to talk about nutrition and supplements.

She was actually a really good speaker, and I wish we'd had more than an hour. That's the second week in a row. Kudos to the organizer for picking great speakers.

Highlight of the talk, chocolate milk = confirmed awesome recovery drink.

Yeah, yeah.....all the magazines agree...websites concur....but now a flesh and blood dietitian gave me the thumbs up, all systems go!


But, in all seriousness, she had quite a bit of good information...I took quite a bit of knowledge out the door with me that I didn't come in with.


After the speaker was done, we all gathered outside in the storming, raining, wet weather to run. I LOVE running in the rain, by the way. L.O.V.E. it. :-)

I had 4 miles on my "take it slow, get back into the swing of things, try not to hurt yourself more than you already are" plan.

We did 5.

The first 3 were great.....the second two were into the wind, and my legs were starting to bark at me a little.

I swear, one of these days I'm going to get them to shut up. :-)

If it wasn't for the fact that I have one gal I run with during these runs, I would have had a hard time finishing as strong as I did. It's amazing how fast your fitness base and stamina go away when you have to stop running. And, for some reason, the mental part of getting back at it is soooooo much harder the second time around.

Tomorrow morning the schedule calls for a 1 mile run.

1 mile?

Not that I'm complaining or anything....but it doesn't seem very long. Although, it will be a good chance for me to work on running without intervals. It'll be fun to watch my mile times improve. When I run distances, I'm all about "just finishing on two legs." My pace is pretty consistent....or, at least it was last year when I was able to run consistently. So, adding in a short distance every once and a while will be a fun way to switch things up a bit.

Well....I'd better stop typing and get to bed. I've taken on some new stuff at work, and have been working longer hours. Then having the speaker and group run...I think Mot is going into Nej withdrawals.


'Night all!!!

5.01 miles, 10:45 overall average pace

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Fran said...

I agree on the fitness base. This month the longest run I did was 10K and just once and I'm starting to notice that my fitness base has set back. And than I didn't even mention the mental part. It's hard!

Well done on the run, great that you have a speaker every week, sounds very interesting.