Friday, December 16, 2011


I had a 35 minute run on the schedule.....and did some drills while running.

2 sets of skipping for height
2 sets of skipping for distance
4 sets of butt kickers
2 sets of high knees

The route, because it was near home, was much less flat than my other two runs this week.

My left arch didn't hurt...but about half way through I could "fee"l it adjusting to running again. It wasn't uncomfortable, or painful, but I could definitely tell it was working.

The insides of my legs felt the same....not painful, but adjusting to running again.

Adding the drills (and hills) into my run affected my pace....but it still felt like a good run.

I was chilly by the time I got home. I checked the weather and found out why. I dressed for low 30's....but it was actually low 20's. Big difference. :-)

1:1 intervals with mixed drills, 36:05, 2.73 miles, 13:12 overall average pace, 168 average HR, 191 max HR, 295 calories, 21 degrees F


C2Iowa said...

It appears that someone has returned. Congrats!

Nej said...

I'm very excited!! :-)