Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12/13/11: Who's Your Runner

Well.....I ran today. (woohoo!)

I ran outside today (snoopy dance).

It was only three miles, and it was at a 12:25 min/mile average. But it was running and outside, none the less!

Did it hurt? Yes. And no. :-)

My knee felt fine. (woohoo!)

My lower legs felt fine. (another happy dance)

My lungs, on the other hand, were wondering what the heck I was doing to them.

Two days in a row I've made them work. An hour spin class yesterday (yep, I'm back at 'em), and a 38 minute run today.

Ever since I was benched for stress fractures in my knee, my hunger levels have been off the chart. I'm constantly chowing on a little of this, and a little of that. Sometimes more than a little.

The worst time to eat more (and unhealthier) is when you can't be active....yet it's the time when I crave it the most. Yesterday I could see the dispenser of peanut M&M's in the kitchenette at work without needing to help myself. They didn't even look good. (OK, that's a lie, they looked good....but I didn't really want any) I actually smiled at them and walked by.

(I'm smiling at snack food. The men in white coats are knocking on my door. Can you hear them?)

As I was making my post-run glass of chocolate milk, I was saying over and over again (in my head)..."I ran outside today, do dah, do dah....I ran outside today, oh do dah day."

(OK, OK....I was more singing it in my head, then saying it. I admit.)

Most of the time I've extremely happy people can't hear what's going on in my head. Now you know why. :-)

(third happy dance, just for the hell of it)

3.09 miles, 38:21 elapsed time, 12:25 overall average pace, 33 degrees


Faith Ann said...

You are soooo lucky you were able to get out there and run! I'm on week 8 of some sort of sickness that causes monumental coughing/gagging... it makes activity out of the question. I have a coughing fit from standing up or talking lol.

I count on activity at this time of year to balance out the treats! Not a good time to be sidelined lol.

Nej said...

@ Faith Ann - 8 weeks?? Oh, that really stinks!!!!!! :-(

C2Iowa said...

Well done.