Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well....maybe not sweet. I mean, I love running, but I hate treadmills.

In light of the stress fractures in my left knee this September, I've come to grips with needing to use this torture device more than I normally would for my May full marathon training.

As you come down the stairs from our kitchen to the basement... you can either go straight into the "gym" area.....or through a doorway to the right into the laundry/walk in closets area.

If you go straight, this is what you see.

Pretty typical. Weight bench, bowflex, treadmill, bike trainer, yoga mats, the fan (that we lovingly call the "prop plane") and other misc fitness flotsam and jetsam.

Don't mind the dust on the mill. She's been out of commission for quite some time. The internal fuse kept blowing....but we've since gotten a replacement. The poor thing is well over 10 years old, so if replacing a fuse here and there is all I need to do, I'll take it without complaining.

(Although, the fuse would blow almost exactly 21 minutes into my run....when I'd find myself hurling into the control panel at full speed. So yeah, I might have complained a little when it started happening.)


Here's my view while running. Ancient upright freezer (with misc poem magnets permanently stuck to it.....collapsible golf cart....bookshelves with hand weights, disc golf equipment, workout videos.....a case of old TV (with stereo, vcr, dvd player, etc hooked up to it), and on the bottom right side of the picture, a large stack of wainscot (for an upcoming dining room remodeling project) and on top of that are floor tiles (that we didn't end up using on the last kitchen remodel).

Pretty typical basement fodder.

I reinstated our netflix account and I'm going to see about having our cable service run to the basement. I'll be needing all of the entertainment help I can get.

And Mot is going to need to start sleeping with earplugs. Between the "prop plane" fan, the 10 year old treadmill, and the stereo I have to turn up loud enough to hear OVER the prop plane fan and the 10 year old might get a little crazy.

My first run, since the end of September was last night. My legs felt great....and my lungs were joyous!!! I was dripping sweat, and smiling like a fool. I took it really easy, right around a 12 min/mile pace, to see how the legs would feel.

The nagging lower leg pain I'd been dealing with all year wasn't there at all.....but I did end up calling it quits after a couple of miles. My knee didn't hurt.....but it felt strange. I don't want to push it. Slow and steady as I ramp my mileage back up.
5 min walk warm-up, 5 min walk cool-down......5 minute running intervals with 2 min walk breaks in between

Felt marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fran said...

You have a nice workout area in your basement. Good for you for getting over your dreadmill hate and just do it.