Sunday, September 18, 2011

09/18/11: Omaha Corporate Cup 10K

I went back and forth on whether I was going to run it again this year. I didn't get around to organizing a team at work (I've been swamped there with new duties), and I didn't want to register as an individual like last year. It's much more fun if you run on a team.

Oh, heck. It's cooler because you get a team t-shirt. Let's all be honest. :-)


Anyway, both Mot and I signed up to run/walk on the Omaha Fire Department team. Because he's still battling with his back and knee injuries, he opted to be good, and just watch from the sidelines, and I ended up running the 10K.

I was a little nervous, to be honest. I haven't run two days in a row since this spring when my doctor and PT's told me not to. But, it went fabulous!!!! I had to stop and stretch along the way during mile 2. The lower legs weren't screaming at me...but I could tell they were about ready to start. After a couple stops....they didn't give me any issues the rest of the event!!!!!

It wasn't a 10K PR by any stretch of the imagination (9:56 average pace last year)....but, I completed it, without pain, and a 11:06 min/mile average. To say I'm not upset by that is an understatement! I actually felt like I was able to stride out and run. It was great!!!!!!!


6.25 miles, 1:09:28, 11:07 overall average pace, 727 calories, 192 Max HR, 177 Avg HR

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