Tuesday, September 13, 2011

09/13/11: A two-fer

I signed up for a monthly pass at the yoga studio where I took the 5 week Yoga for Runners workshop. I love the instructor, I love the atmosphere, and I really enjoy yoga. I can already see improvement in my flexibility and hope that some upper body strength isn't far behind.

For right now, I'm going two nights a week. Tuesday and Thursday. Last Thursday was my first official night as a student of the studio. There were only three of us in class then, but there were 9 or so of us tonight.

Mandy, the instructor, really takes time to think about what she's going to focus on in each class. She knew my name the first day I walked into the Y4R workshop, and calls me by name every time I see her. It's the simple things that really catch my attention.

Anyway, after an hour of yoga, I went to my car, put on my running shoes, etc....and took to the city trail near the studio for my 3 mile Tuesday run.

Neither Mot, nor I slept well last I ended up shutting off my alarm this morning. I slept until the absolute last possible minute then rushed around to get to work on time. Because I'm running in at least one 10K this weekend, if not two, I didn't want to push my two weekly runs to Wed and Fri. It would have me running three days in a row this weekend.

While I ran three days in a row every week last year (Tues/Wed/Thurs) PT's have told me to not do the same until we get the problems with my legs fixed.

So, speaking of my leg I was running today, I had an idea. A possible solution, or at least something that could help. I'm not going to say anything about it until I see if it works......but as I was running I tried to think about what was different between today and Sunday.

Sunday I ran 10 miles with no pain....and now 2 days later, ouch!!!!!

I also tried to compare my running this year, to my running last year. How I could train from May to October with no issues one season......but find it impossible to get through simple 3 mile runs the next??

I thought of something while I was out running...and tried to test my theory on the return trip to my car. It was something simple I hadn't thought of before. So "test" though only a small sample of my new master plan, gave me some relief in my legs, almost instantly.

Don't get me wrong, it still hurt.....but it hurt less.....and enough that I could tell a difference instantly.

If this is all it takes, I'm going to cry.

First in happiness....then in frustration. Nearly a full year of dealing with this.....different doc's and PT's....and something this simple................

I'll keep you posted.
3.01 miles, 35:17, 11:44 overall average pace, 348 calories, 184 Max HR, 167 Avg HR


James said...

I'm curious if your test solution works.

Nej said...

@ James - me too :-)