Saturday, September 17, 2011

09/17/11: Air Force Weather Agency Corn Man 10K

I happened upon the listing for the Corn Man 10K a month ago. I was already planning on running a 10K on Sunday of that weekend...but the premise of the Corn Man was too much to pass up.

When you register, you put in your expected finish time. They group everyone running into timed groups based on your entry. Then, the day of the event, each group gets a Corn Man....someone literally dressed up in an ear of corn costume. The idea is to beat the Corn Man from your group.


I told my sister and about it, and she entered as well. We thought it would be a hoot!!!

It was rainy and low 50's when we arrived at Lake Zorinsky. Perfect running weather!!!

This is the picture of one little finger of the lake.

Poor Inny had some issues with her legs while running. They were cramping up on her (I know exactly how she felt, and tried to be as encouraging as I could). We took it easy, stopped when needed so she could stretch. By the time we hit the end, they had loosened back up for her.

I probably drove her nuts along the route. She does like I do....she gets quiet and almost angry when things like this happen. Not "I'm going to rip your head off"'s that focused "I will make it through this if it's the last thing I do" angry.

As we ran, I sang songs. Yep...I was singing.

What? I was trying to cheer her up, get her mind off of it, bring the fun back into the event. :-)

All in all, it WAS fun! I'm sure we'll both be back next year for the 2nd annual race. The organizers did a great job.

Inny and I at the end, with our ear of corn! :-)

P.S. I'm happy to report that the full compression socks may actually be doing what I'd hoped. I ran the entire 10K without pain in my lower legs. It was magical, to say the least!!!!

6.2 miles, 1:22:00, 13:13 overall average pace, 712 calories, 181 Max HR, 162 Avg HR