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Papillion Days Duathlon, June 19, 2011

My sister, Inny, is a cyclist who has started running as cross training. I'm a runner who should start using cycling (more often) as cross training. We're both pretty focused on particular events coming up in our sports.

I've got a full marathon in October that I'm sadly not even close to ready for yet....and she has the 2011 RAGBRAI ride in July.

So, we decided to pool our resources and enter a duathlon as a team.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it before....but our family has a team name. It started last year when we were all talking about riding in RAGBRAI. My sister didn't have a bike she asked if she could go along and ride on my handlebars.

In RAGBRAI, quite a few riders are a part of different teams. So, from them on, we have been Team Handlebar.

We've been researching options for getting team shirts ready for the ride. Inny and I decided to not only represent Team Handlebar in the Papillion Days Duathlon, but to start coming up with and testing shirt ideas. On Saturday we bought shirts, transfers.....and went to work.

With help from my bother in law (Inny's hubby, Doug), we ended up with these prototypes.

"Team Handlebar"

“Share the Road Ride”

(Oh, instead of going by Nej for this event on my shirt...I went by the nickname I had (between us sisters) as kids. One day Cindy was sick, and she was calling my name. She couldn't say came out Enny through her stuffy nose. From then on, I've been Enny, and she's been Inny.)

There was one major flaw in the construction process of our ironing board. Without an ironing board, we were left to use a Sorry! board and a towel. The surface was very uneven and parts of the transfers didn't stick as evenly, or as well, as we'd liked.

But, the darn things were pretty cool. We got quite a few comments, and we now know what we need to do differently next time. :-)

Anyway.....we decided to meet at the venue about an hour before the race got underway. It was slightly muggy outside.

It might have been a little more than slightly muggy.

68 degrees, 68 degree dew point.

100% humidity baby.


The race was being held at Walnut Creek Recreation Area just outside of Omaha.

Before the starting gun went off...Inny and I walked part of the bike route, and enjoyed the lake a little.

The view of the transition area from the cyclist exit.

At 8:00 the mayor gave a quick speech, then we were off.

By then the sun had come out....and it was hotter than hell.

Add that to the 100% humidity, and it was downright miserable.

My first run went pretty well. I took more small walk breaks here and there than I'd like....but ended the first two miles with a 9:44 mile average pace.

Then it was Inny's turn to tear it up in the bike portion!!

(There she goes!!)

While waiting for her, I stood and talked to some of the other team members waiting for their cyclist partners.

I noticed that quite a few people made it a Father's Day event. Lots of father/daughter teams...and lots of fathers and daughters both competing...but not on teams.

Inny got back from her second loop...and I was off again. My time wasn't as good this time around. I was really dehydrated by then (even though I was drinking fluids constantly). My pace ended up averaging 10:28 min/mile for the second two miles.

A pace very very closer to my half marathon pace than I would have liked...but that's OK. Our only goal was to finish and have fun. :-)

I crossed the finish line.....and ended our time at 1:21:30. (only about 19 minutes off of the #1 all female team) 137th out of 166th. Not stelar...but not too shabby for two people who only train for distances...not short events requiring speed.

Just as I was done.....they handed me a bottle of water, and our two medals.

"Medals?!?!?! Sweet!!!"

The event volunteer must have thought I was nuts.

I didn't stop moving after that though....I kept walking. I could see a patch of shade on the other side of the transition area...and it had my name written all over it!!!

We cooled down a little...then packed our stuff up and left.

Great day!!!!

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