Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm almost sorry I asked..... last night after work I went to my PT from last year....we'll call her "C".

C rocks...plain and simple. Her bedside manner is amazing. Her personality is rockin' awesome. And she knows her stuff. Plus, she's a repeat Olympic marathon trials runner. Running is kinda her thing. :-)

I went in and talked to her about what was going on. She'd already talked to the other PT I'm seeing this year (in the same office), "A". I told her I didn't want A to think I was going behind her back....and C laughed. She said A was excited I talked to her.....that two heads are better than one.

Basically that means they don't know WHAT the heck to do with me. (giggle)

C poked and prodded around on my legs a little....and then we talked for a good amount of time. I told her exactly what I'd felt running the night before....but also rehashed what I'd be feeling over the last year. Basically, this year and last year are identical. Same pain, same location......but Tuesday night was the worst it had ever been.

While we talked she used the "phono" device (ultrasound therapy) to hopefully reduce some of the swelling I had going on. She then put Kinesio tape on my lower legs "to calm them the heck down."

Then we talked some more.

The more we talked, the more the look on her face turned serious. You could tell she had thought of I asked her what was on her mind.

I've been to multiple physical therapists.....and multiple doctors....and they've all mentioned what she was thinking....but they all ruled it out (including her last year). She wants to talk to my doctor and see what he thinks.

If anything, there's a test they can do to either confirm or rule out her suspicion.

Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome

I refrained from looking it up last night online. But I knew I couldn't spend an entire day here at my work computer without looking it up. It would bug me, and nag at me, until I did.

I can't say as that I'm thrilled with the possibility of it being CECS. The testing sounds like nothing short of torture (think really big needles and a treadmill), and the fix is surgery.

On the brighter side, if it comes to that, I'd be back to full performance 6-12 weeks (in most patients) after.

Nothing is for sure, it's not an actual's just an idea she has. I'll know more once she talks to my doc, and they decide if they want to test for it, or if he rules it out....again.

If they do that, it's back to the drawing board....again.

I think...for now, I'm ruling out the full marathon in October. I'll see if I can run the half instead (most races allow registration changes from the full to the half, but not the other way around).

2012 I'll run my first full. Period.


Pritch said...

Well, even if it is CECS as least you now know something. That's always better than not knowing anything!

Hope things start going your way.

Fran said...

If this is what you have, at least you know what it is, even if you would have to go into surgery for it. But you know that after that you will be pain free and definitely run that full in 2012.

Anna P said...

I hope you can get it figured out!!