Tuesday, April 12, 2011

04/12/11: Beautiful morning!!!!

Checked the weather before I headed out on my run. 41 degrees/35 degree windchill (5/2 C). The air was crisp, there was little to no wind, and the sky was completely open...not a cloud to be seen.

I turned off the interval timer on my Garmin, and decided to just run until I needed to walk....rinse, repeat. Basically that meant I ran all the uphills and downhills...and took small walk breaks in between.

I thought my time would be pretty darned good.

It wasn't.

I felt good running, and that's what counts right now. In my DailyMile post I said "Oh well, they need people to run in the back of the pack too, right?"


This half marathon in a couple of weeks won't be a PR, by any stretch of the imagination....but it will feel good to get it done. Full marathon training starts April 20th. Hopefully I'll have my orthotics in by then, and will actually feel like I can start training for real.

(5 miles, 11:42 overall average pace)


C2Iowa said...

I still go with my prior comment: miles are miles. They all pay in the end.

Fran said...

I'm with C2Iowa.

My run was terrible this morning, instead of 5 miles I did 2.3 miles but that's was all I had to give today.And it's better than nothing.

So well done on the run and it's good that you relied on yourself when it was time to take a walkbreak.

C2Iowa said...

The State of Iowa called this am-- they want your membership card back. You never used a cornfield that way..... the shame. LOL

Nej said...

@ C2 - LITERALLY laughing out loud. My co-workers now think I'm crazy!

Oh, who am I kidding, they figured that out years ago. :-)