Monday, April 11, 2011

04/10/11: Looonnnnnnggggggg Run

I know that the high 70's isn't really hot. I mean, I ran in 90's all last summer. But, when I'm used to running in negative temps, then suddenly jump to the high 70' is all I can say.

I knew it would have an affect, but I had no idea just how much.

There was an 11 mile long run looming on my training schedule. I'd been up at 3:30 am both Sat and Sun mornings (Mot was taking my 9 year old niece out turkey hunting for the first time)...and even though I went back to bed for an hour or so after they left, I was really tired. I wanted to get up and run before the sun, or at least before the heat kicked in....but just laid in bed.

This physical therapy stuff hurts. They give a whole new meaning to deep tissue massage, let me tell ya! I knew that an 11 mile run was going to mean my PT appointment Monday morning would be nothing short of torture. They really don't want me running right now....but after my appointment on Friday, as I was leaving she said "You know...I was once told to NEVER tell a runner not to run. They'll just lie to my face and do it anyway. But....if you wanted to take some time off until your orthotics got here, I won't complain."

I got up anyway, laced up my shoes, and headed out.

Out and back....5.5 miles each way.

I was able to run my half marathon in October just carrying a 20 oz handheld bottle of fluids, but earlier last week I drank 16 oz during just a 5 mile run. It's going to take some time to get adjusted to the heat this year.

So, I had my hydration belt with my two 8 oz bottles..and also carried a disposable bottle I could throw away when it was empty (in a garbage can, of course...the amount of trash along some of the trails in town makes me want to run with a garbage bag).

16 oz for each half of my run, 32 oz total. I'd run 10 miles the weekend before with only 16 oz....and was dying for a drink by the time I got back to my car. Wasn't going to repeat that situation again. :-)

After a couple of miles, I knew the run was going to be difficult.

I hit the wall at 5 miles.

Is that even possible???

I actually stopped and sat on the bleachers of a softball field at the half way point. I never do that. I'd like to pretend I was just enjoying the day and the view....but I'm actually surprised I could tell you it was a softball field at all. The only thing I was paying attention to was catching my breath.

What the.......?????

I finally forced myself to stand up, and start moving again. I normally do my long runs with 2 minutes of running, one minute of recovery walking. But after mile 7, I was barely able to run 1 minute at a time. I would actually get a little dizzy, and take a walk break.

I could feel the sun beating down on me. It was hot out...but I was freezing. I could feel chills throughout my body every once and a while.

And then, at mile 8, the wind started.


Mot tells me I'm stubborn. My parents have always told me I'm stubborn.

The only reason I made it back to my car is because I'm stubborn.

I watched my average pace go up and up and up.

"As long as I make it with no more than an average pace of 11:30, I'll be fine with that."

(a mile passes)

"As long as I make it no more than an average pace of 11:45, I'll be fine with that."

(another mile passes)

"I WILL NOT finish this with more than a 12 minute mile pace....d*mn it!!"

Final stats: 11 miles, over two hours, 11:59 overall average pace

I got to the end of the trail, and sat down on a retaining wall that circles the playground.

I sat there for quite a while.

I could see my more than 20 - 25 feet away.

I texted a friend....

"Just ran 11 miles. Car is 20 feet away. This retaining wall is comfy. Can you come give me a ride to my car?"

On a side note:

My aunt ran in the Go! St Louis half marathon as I was running this run. (WooHoo Linda!!!) I was getting text message updates of her progress, and I think that helped keep me moving.

Later I found out they closed the last 16 miles of the full marathon route, due to the heat and humidity.


Heidi said...

Hey, the best thing is that you got out there and did it. It is hard at this time of the year when the temps start to change. What would feel like a cold day in the summer, is sweltering right now. It really zaps your energy. And then there are just plain some days where you are low on energy for whatever reason (cycle, nutrition, lack of sleep....). There's a million reasons. But you got 'er done.

I'm stubborn too. Sometimes that is the only thing that gets me through. It's not necessarily a bad thing.

Nej said...

@ Heidi - yep, I think it was a combination of many things yesterday. :-)

C2Iowa said...

There is NOTHING wrong with being stubborn. Heck - it is what makes me what I am!!

Remember one thing about this run - you finished. Time is relative. Miles are miles- no matter what the BA meter reads. You will be glad that you did it in the long run (no pun intended).

At least you hydrated- I did not on my 9 miler yesterday. The wind was brutal.

Keep your head up.

Nej said...

@ C2 - at one point I drank too much....when you can hear your stomach slosh as you run, it's usually not a good thing. :-) :-) :-)

Fran said...

If we weren't stubborn some days we would never run a half marathon. Yes, maybe you struggled but you did it! You didn't give up and I'm proud of you that you didn't.

Anonymous said...

Funny about running while it is 70 outside when being use to the cold. I felt like I needed to run with an IV pump fluids in me.

Nej said...

@ Mike....and hire someone to run alongside me with a battery operated fan, an oxygen tank, and maybe an umbrella! :-)