Wednesday, April 6, 2011

04/06/11: Over hill, over dale....

Shouldn't it be over hill, through dale....or across dale?? Do you really run OVER a valley?


My alarm went off this morning at 4:41.

Sam, our black lab, put her wet nose in my eye at 4:41 and 30 seconds.


I didn't sleep well last night. Wacked-out dreams for the second night in a row (the night before was because I decided it would be a smart to watch 127 Hours right before bed).

I put the dogs outside, went to the restroom to put my hair into a ponytail and brush my teeth.

Then sat on the edge of the tub....contemplating the pros and cons of crawling back into bed for another hour of sleep.

Even though there were more reasons to NOT go back to bed......that option was still winning. I guess at 4:41 in the morning, the idea of going back to bed always seems like the best choice. :-)

Suddenly I was mad at myself. I got up, went downstairs, changed, and headed out the door.

It's going to be in the 70's or higher today, and I DID NOT want to have to get off of work, just to go home and run. I like being able to go home after work and relax. To mentally "put my feet up" so to speak. Sure, if I have a bad day, running would probably help.....but there's something about being able to shut down that's very appealing.

Plus, I just plain feel better if I've run in the morning. Not only does it get the juices flowing, but I feel as though, no matter what happens, I started the day accomplishing what I set out to do.

I took a quick peek at the training schedule on the side of the fridge, noted that I needed to run 5 miles yesterday (and didn't), and decided to do it today. Instead of running Tues/Wed/Thurs.....I'd now have to run Wed/Thurs/Fri.

I decided to sleep in the day before, and needed to deal with the consequences of those actions.

Hooray Responsibility!!


The run was pretty boring. I mean, the weather was FANTASTIC!!!! Right around 50 degrees or so (10C).....the sky was mostly clear....and the stars were still twinkling.

But there was a howling wind.


At one point the wind actually scared me a little.

I kid you not.

I'm running through a dark neighborhood with my headlamp on...because there are zero streetlamps or sidewalks. There aren't any lights on in any of the houses yet....and I can't hear any cars passing on the nearby busier streets.

All of a sudden, out of no where, the wind picks up. And I mean picks UP!! It went from a light breeze to nearly knocking me backwards, instantly. I had to close my eyes to keep the dirt and sand out.....and found myself leaning well forward, trying desperately to not be blown on my butt. The wind just kept getting stronger and stronger.....

Then, just when I was truly starting to ponder the odds of a tornado touching down without there being a cloud in the sky, it stopped.

The birds were silenced, and all was eerily quiet.

Horror movie quiet.

Eventually the morning sounds began again, and the moment passed.

My 5 mile route is all hills. There are very few, if any, stretches of flat land. There are short and steep uphills, there are long and gradual uphills. There are short and steep downhills, there are long and gradual downhills. And, because I run intervals (usually 2 min run/ 1 min walk), I never know where the walk breaks are going to hit.

I cheer silently when they arrive on an uphill...and I'm just slightly disappointed when they are on a downhill. :-)

I arrived on my front doorstep with plenty of energy. I could have pushed it harder or faster.....but those first couple of miles were pretty painful. My first physical therapy appointment is today, and hopefully they can get me fixed up before the half marathon on May 1st! :-)

Oh....and as I was finishing up my run, I noticed the sky getting light in the east. Spring is finally here!!!!!!!!!

5.01 miles, 11:29 overall average pace)


C2Iowa said...

Well done.

Good luck with the PT session.

Faith Ann said...

Ha! I totally cheer in my head when a walk break coincides with a steep hill, it totally makes my run lol.

Anonymous said...

I like the alarm clock, butter than the buzzing noise I want to throw out the window. What is up with all the wind? It's been the same way here for 2 weeks.

Fran said...

Well done for not going back to bed.

I have nothing to add, I run for the same reasons in the morning as you do.

I always say to myself when the alarm goes up (I can sleep in till 5.10 am :) ) and I want to stay in bed: get up, get dressed, get outside and that always works. Besides on days that I don't run I get up at 5.30 am so it would give me 20 minutes "sleeping in".

I often think of you by the way during my morning runs, I need my headlamp again since the time changed two weeks ago.

Nej said...

@ Mike - It looks relatively calm out there today (knocking on wood). Figures, on a schedule rest day! (hehehehe)