Friday, October 1, 2010

10/01/10 (6.15 mi, 9:07 pace) pace seemed quite a bit faster than I expected. Finally, since my wipe out and knee injury, I found my stride. The first half of the run wasn't so great....but with about 1/3 of the run left, I started running differently.

I didn't think about it, I didn't do it on purpose....I was just running along, thinking about life in general.

Next thing I know, I realize I'm covering more distance, and it felt good. My left hip wasn't "catching," my right shin wasn't screaming....I can't describe what was different. It just was.

I'd skipped my Thursday run because my legs were still pretty painful from my runs on Tues and Wed. Then, I slept in Friday and just couldn't get my lazy rump out of bed. By the time lunch of Friday rolled around, I was feeling guilty for skipping the run.

So....when I got home....I loaded everyone up in the Jeep and we headed to a city park near our house.

Mot took Sam to a more secluded area, so he could through dummies into the water for her to retrieve, without disturbing all the fisher-people who frequent the park....while I took to the trail that goes around the lake.

I'm so used to running in the mornings, and running later in the day after work felt odd. There were people all over the trail...some with dogs...some with bikes....some just out for a stroll.

The sound of an gas powered remote controlled plane haunted me all along one side of the lake. The buzzing was getting a little old, that's for sure!!! :-)

I ran until I hit my halfway mark (2.5 miles) and turned around to come back. Once I got to the Jeep, I had to keep running to finally meet my 5 mile goal.

How can I run out and back....but the second half measures shorter than the first? It happened the other day to me as well. *****

Hmmmmmm.......maybe finally finding my stride affected the sensor in my shoe??

Oh well....I got my run in! I'm not a slacker! All is well with the world!

We stopped at a grocery store on the way back to get stuff for dinner. I was wearing spandex running shorts, a soaked (with sweat) tshirts, and my compression sleeves on my legs.



We went home, ate dinner, watched a TV show or two, then headed to bed.

Very good evening!!!!!!

***** You'll notice that my total distance, in the title of my post, isn't 5 miles. My post for my weekend run will explain! :-)

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