Wednesday, October 27, 2010

10/27/10 (recovery run)

Can you actually call it a recovery run, when the half marathon you are "recovering" from was a week and a half ago? :-) :-)

Two days after the marathon, some of the stiffness I'd been feeling in my right quad wasn't going away, in fact, it was getting worse. Much, much worse. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation worse.

Pretty sure I pulled something, tore something, or just plain ticked something off. :-)

Two days after that my hubby and I were with friends in New Orleans. Our hotel was a block away from the French Quarter.

Now, when visiting New Orleans without a rental car...what do you do? Allot of walking, that's what.

The first two days of walking were pretty much agony. That leg wasn't pleased with my decision to put it through it's paces from sun up to sun down. It would much rather I sat on the couch, in front of the TV, eating Bon Bons and watching cheesy Lifetime movies.

By the time Saturday rolled around, my leg had stopped screaming at me....and I was itching to start running.

It's now Wednesday, and I'm posting about my first run in what seems like ages.

Bless me bloggers, for I have sinned. It's been 10 days since my last run. :-)

4:45 am came very, very early this morning. I donned my running gear and left the house without a plan.

I headed west, ran to the country club entrance, then turned around and came back home. Calling my pace "leisurely" is an understatement.

I stopped my watch as I neared our driveway. I figured I'd run a couple miles, just to get things loosened up. It read 1.99 miles.....close enough. (giggle)

When walking around at 5 am now, compared to a month ago....I don't see much difference. It's dark.

But, it's much darker than it was. With a nearly full moon above me, it's now dark enough to actually need my headlamp...even in the open areas not shaded by trees.

Dry leaves, on trees before we left for New Orleans, are now on the ground. The wind blowing them around, making the creepiest of sounds. I love fall!!!

The air isn't much cooler, but I notice my breathing sounds very "weezy"...the cooler air is working it's magic on my lungs.

I'm wearing long running pants, my new running jacket, and lightweight gloves.....yet barely working up a sweat.

Six months ago, this run would have felt like torture, murder.

The training schedule that has lived on the side of our microwave for 6 months is now in the recycle bin waiting for the trash collectors.

I'm running with only one run.

I can tell you right now that running to run probably isn't going to keep me motivated for very long. Once the newness of "running to run" wears off....the snooze button and I will reunite.

It's time to figure out my next step.

But, until then, the freedom of running without a master plan is wonderful!


Brook said...

Nice! I have a difficult time with motivation made worse by any feeling of "have to". Love of what you're doing makes all the difference I think. You'll find a new reason to do what you love!
wv is "dyntu". Dyntu have a good time in NO even though your leg hurt?

Nej said...

Had an AWESOME time!!! Need to sit down one of these nights and download those pesky pictures!!!!! :-)

Heidi said...

Apparently it's not that unusual to take an extended break after a large race. But it's good to get back at it. You have a good plan, run for fun right now until you decide what it is you want next. I don't know how you get up that early. I had to get up at 5:30 yesterday to swim and it was torture. I don't sleep in, but I do like to sleep until at least 6:30. 7 would be perfect!

Nej said...

@ Heidi - we got a new black lab puppy last October...and she wakes up at 5:00 to go out...always has since we got her. Before I started running, I'd get up, put her outside...then go back to bed. When I started running, I just got rid of the going back to bed for an hour part.

For the last couple of weeks, I've been going back to bed for that this morning was a challenge (to say the least). As I'm walking downstairs I kept thinking "what the heck am I doing?".....but once I get dressed and out the door, I'm glad I did. I have ZERO energy to workout after work....been there, tried I guess I can technically be called a morning person. :-) :-)

I don't know if I would have been up this morning running, had it not been for my hubby. Last night he asked if I was going to run...and I said I didn't know. He told me that I'd regret it if I didn't. That I'd come so far, and I'd be upset with myself if I threw it away. Just enough of a nudge to get me up. I need to give him an extra long hug tonight. :-)

Brian said...

It's good to run "just to run" for a while. I was burned out after my last marathon, did the whole "run just to run" thing, got re-aquainted with the snooze button for a little too long and now I'm finally back at it.

So, enjoy it and refresh mentally, but don't take it too far!

Fran said...

Glad to hear you're back at running and enjoyed it so much.

I did running just for running at the beginning of this year but after a few months I realized I needed a new plan because I was getting bored. That's when I decided to do a half marathon.

Nej said...

@ Brian - I've decided, until I get an official plan of action, I'm going to make sure I run at least every other day. A couple miles, 5 miles, whatever feels good that day. Yesterday's 5 miles felt wonderful. Slow, steady, easy, fun. It was wonderful!!!!

@ Fran - yeah, I'm pretty sure that's what is going to happen to me as well. There is a local half marathon in the spring (sign up starts in December)....pretty sure I'm going to sign up as soon as I can. Entry fees are wonderful motivators! :-) Ultimately, I'd like to take a stab at a full....maybe next fall?