Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I'm going to make this post short and sweet today.

(looks to the left)

I don't want to stir anything up just yet.....

(looks to the right)


(looks behind shower curtain)

I ran today.

(looks under bed)

For real running.

It was only 2 miles...but it was 2 miles without pain. Two miles of just enjoying the cool (yet very muggy) summer morning air. Two miles knowing that I could run more, wanted to run more, but shouldn't.

I can't push it. I need to start really slow.

I don't know where the pain went.

(looks under couch cushion)

I don't see it here anywhere.



I have my second Graston appointment this afternoon. Curious to see if he can tell I ran since I was in last time.

It was amazing to get out there....even though it took EVERY. SINGLE. OUNCE. of willpower I had to get out of bed. I've gained about 5 or so pounds since the injury sidelined me. Anxious to get that back off. The skirt I wore yesterday was tighter than it was last time I wore it. Not good.

I run again on Thursday, if not tomorrow. We'll see if I can make it two runs in a row. Will be a record if I do! :-)

2.25 miles, a very slow and cautious 11:43 overall average pace

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