Thursday, July 14, 2011

Like a hamster on a wheel......


Need I say more???

After the "NO running more than 2 miles at a time" and "NO HILLS WHATSOEVER" directives were given by my doc and PT.....I decided to hit the gym for this morning's run.

It was either that, drive to the nearest city trail (secluded and spooky in the am), or run around the block a million times until I reached two miles.

I opted for the gym.

iPod in hand, I started running on treadmill #1.

The belt on that first treadmill was so worn, it felt like someone had used Armor All on the surface. It was more ice skating, then running. So I shut it down, and moved to another one.

It's belt had been replaced quite recently, and almost had TOO much traction.

No, I didn't play Goldilocks and go looking for a treadmill that was "just right."


What I DID do, was turn on my iPod....only to find that it had no charge to it. I swear I checked it on Tuesday when I put it in my gym bag (and haven't used it since). It must have gotten switched on, on accident.

Oh well...I'll just watch the news and read the captions.

Have you ever tried to read captions while running on a dreadmill?



When I hit my two mile limit....I jumped off and headed towards the ellipticals. I had 10 minutes before I needed to shower, so I banged out another mile, and another two gallons of sweat.

Man, it's humid in that place!!!!

Three days, three workouts in a row. Feels good to get back at it....even if I am stuck inside for now.

Haven't had the Polar heart monitor out in a while. My Garmin kinda took it's place. GPS tracking isn't necessary when running on a hamster wheel.....

38:27, 2 miles run and 1 mile elliptical, 472 calories, max hr 189, avg hr 165


Fran said...

That's funny, I use my Garmin outdoors too and my Polar (which looks almost the same as yours) when I go to the gym.

I dislike the dreadmill too but was kind of proud when I used it this week for hill training. Unlike you I don't have hills where I live.

Great training Jen.

Anonymous said...

That was a awesome read,You discover something new every day.